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Solar pump inverter

  • SG320/600 solar pump inverter
SG320/600 solar pump inverter

SG320/600 solar pump inverter

  • Input: 150-450VDC/250-800VDC
  • Output: 220V three phases/ 380V three phases
  • Power: 0.75kw-630kw
  • Mppt: 99.5%
  • Product description: Solar Water Pumping Solution is a fully automatic system designed to provide water at affordable cost for people with limited or no access to electricity. It uses the most advanced SG320/600 variable

Solar Water Pumping Solution is a fully automatic system designed to provide water at affordable cost for people with limited or no access to electricity. It uses the most advanced SG320/600 variable speed drive to regulate the speed of a 3-phase AC motor depending upon the solar energy available from the solar panel.

Fully automatic system using variable speed drive compatible with AC, 1 /3-phase, submersible and surface mount pumps, and high efficiency PMSM Pumps.

The system is composed of a PV generator, a pump and a solar pump drive. Based on the design philosophy that it is more efficient to store water rather than electricity, there is no energy storing device such as storage battery in the system. The system is prepared to be combined with a elevated water storage, e.g. water tower or an uphill tank installation.

Advantages of SG320/600 solar pump inverter

♢ Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) with fast response speed and stable operation

♢ Enable to drive for 1 phase AC pumps or 3 phase AC pumps

♢ Enable to drive for PMSM high speed and high efficiency pumps without motor ID auto tuning

♢ Dry run (under load ) protection, lowest speed auto tuning , Pumps maximum current protection, Minimum power input protection...

♢ The PQ (power/flow) performance curve enables to calculate the flow output from the pump

♢ Dual mode AC and DC power supply input is available

♢ Digital signal of water level sensor and analog signal of water level sensor for water tank fulling detect.

♢ Dedicated hardware design with dual CPU, independent air duct design

♢ Import IGBT module such as Infineon, Fuji,TYCO to ensure good quality

♢ Enhanced lightning protection module

♢ GPRS remote control module for distance monitoring, control, parameters modification, and history data record..

♢ Efficiency is higher than 99.5%, power factory not less than 0.96 for below 15kw inverter.


**Solar pump drive specification when FA-00 set to 1&2 for solar pumping controlling function.
Recommended MPPT voltage range 1S: 80VDC to 400VDC, for 3 phase 65VAC to 220VAC pumps, ( system can work just with 3 panels ) 2S: 150dc to 450vdc, for 3 phase 220vac PM and induction pumps 4T: 250vdc to 900vdc, for 3 phase 380vac to 480vac pumps.
Motor type ( Pumps type) Control for permanent magnet synchronous motor and asynchronous motor pumps. (PMSM and AM) 1 phase or 3 phase AC pumps
Rated output voltage 3-Phase,110V/160V/220V. 3-phase, 220V/380V/460V
Output frequency range 0~maximum frequency 600Hz.  Resolution 0.01 Hz
Inverter efficiency Above 99.5%
Ambient temperature range G-type for submersible pumps, 150% rated current for 60s, 180% rated current for 2s  P type for general pumps, 120% rated current for 60s, 150% rated current for 2s
Solar pump control special performance MPPT ( maximum power point tracking) CVT (constant voltage tracking), auto/manual operation, dry run protection, low stop frequency protection, minimum power input, motor maximum current protection, flow calculating, energy generated calculating and water tank level detected
Protection function Phase loss protection, phase short circuit protection, ground to phase circuit protection , input and output short circuit protection. Stall protection
Protection degree IP20, Air force cooling
Running mode MPPT or CVT
Altitude Below 1000m; above 1000m, derated 1% for every additional 100m.
Power factor Above 95%
StandardAC input  backup circuit CE, Design based on vector control drive S300 and S3200 series, more specification please refer to S300 or S320 vector control drive operation manual
Speficiation when inverter used for general purpose VfD.
Voltage, frequency Single phase 220V, 3 phase, 220V,380VPower 0.75kw to 37kw.
Control mode 0: VF control ; 1: Vectorized VF control ; 2:Open loop vector control 1 ; 3: High performance open loop vector control 2
Maximum frequency 0-650Hz
Multi-functions PID Control, Carrier Frequency Adjustable, Current Limiter, Speed Search, Momentary Power Loss Restart,16 Step Speed (Max), 3-Wire connection, Slip Compensation, Frequency Jump, DC braking, Upper/Lower Frequency, Torque control, Compatible for PMSM and IM, built in RS485, counting, fault information checking, fully fault protection function, frequency combination reference.


1. Wiring DC power to R, T terminals of inverter, and check how much Voc (open loop circuit voltage) input by multimeter, or get Voc from d25 monitor parameters before press RUN button, and then set Fc-01=actual Voc.

2. Confirmed the Fa-00=2 (MPPT). This parameters must set for 1 or 2, for 1 phase 110/220VAC pumps, it must set for 1(CVT). otherwise the inverter can't work properly. Please don't connect pumps for trail running first.

3. Set F2-00 to F2-05 motor group parameters as nameplate of pumps. Double check for f2-01, f2-02, f2-02 voltage, frequency and current parameters.

4. Press the RUN button to start inverter when connecting without pump, to check if output frequency, output voltage. The output frequency should be increase from 0 to 50/60hz, and output voltage should be balanced when frequency reach to rated frequency of pumps.

5. Connect exteranl switch between X1 and GND to start inverter if need.

SG320/600 solar pump inverter

SG600 solar pump inverter setup and wiring:

1. Wiring P+ and P- of DC solar power to R, T terminals, or 1/3 phase cables of AC power supply to R, T ( R, S, T) of inverter.( 1 phase 220VAC AC inupt connect to L, N of inverter).

2. Built a Run/Stop switch S1 to start pumping whensettingP0.02 for 1,that inverterworks in terminals control mode.This inverter can achieve auto start at morning when sun light radiation is good, auto stop when sun set when sunlight radiation is low.

3. Check actual Voc ( open loop circuit voltage) of solar arrays by multi-meter, or monitor U012 parameters that display Voc value in keypad. SetPE-03 with actualVoc value.

4. Confirmed PE-00 if set for 1or 2 for MPPT working in solar pump control model.

SG320/600 solar pump inverter


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